Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find out what is in my water, and how much, i.e. chlorine, fluoride, chemicals, etc.?2019-12-26T22:51:31+00:00

The district sends out a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) once a year with a detailed report on all chemical tests. You can call or visit the office of Russian River Utility (707- 887-7735) to find out more.

My water pressure is low. What can I do to increase it?2019-12-26T22:52:58+00:00

If the service has a pressure reducing valve on the service line, it may need its settings adjusted. It is recommended that you consult with a plumber if unfamiliar with adjusting the setting.

What is this “service charge” on my water bill?2019-12-26T22:53:09+00:00

The service charge is collected to pay for the fixed costs. All water systems have fixed costs, which are not related to the quantity of water used.

The cost for the laboratory tests, employees’ salaries, contract agreements, insurance, and rent are examples of some fixed costs. The service charge for smaller water systems is generally higher than for large systems as fixed costs are prorated to fewer service connections.

Why is my bill suddenly so high?2019-12-26T22:53:20+00:00

You could have a leak or there could be other reasons. Call Russian River Utility (RRU), the district’s maintenance and operations contractor at 707-887-7735 to help you determine what might be going on.

How do I fix a leak? How do I read my meter to see if I have a leak?2019-12-26T22:53:30+00:00

The district does not encourage customers to open their meter boxes, primarily because the concrete lids are heavy and, if dropped, will damage the water meter inside.

Instead, if you suspect a leak, please call Russian River Utility (RRU), the district’s maintenance and operations contractor at 707-887-7735. RRU will send a technician at no charge to assess your situation.

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